iPhone Secret Codes All Working (2022 Updated)

iPhone Secret Codes All Working (2022 Updated)

Hey! Everyone I’m back with another exciting topic of secret USSD codes that show you hidden settings of your device which you didn’t see anywhere in the settings of your smartphone.

These secret settings are basically designed for the developers or testers so they can easily check out the functionality of the operating system and whether devices are working fine or not some hidden dialer codes also provide you some shortcuts for settings like call divert, call waiting, call forwarding, etc.

Suppose you’re going to purchase a second-hand device and want to make sure that everything is working fine on that device then you can also use these settings to check sensors, display, colors, signal strength, etc. features.

List of iPhone Dialer Codes For Hidden Settings

USSD CodeSettings
*#06#Display IMEI Number
*3001#12345#Kid Test settings
*#21#Display any Call Forwarding Settings enabled
*#43#Show if call waiting for various parts of your phone are enabled or disabled
*#30#Show if you have the call presentation enabled/disabled
*#33#Display all barring settings for your iPhone enabled/disabled
*646#View available minutes on your active plan
*777#View available minutes on your pre-paid plan
*3282#View wireless data usage statistics (also data)
*225#Check the available balance on your AT&T account 
*729Make a call to AT&T to pay your wireless bill
*#61#Check the number of missed calls
*#62#Verities the number for forwarding calls in case of none of the services is available
*#67#Check the number for forwarding calls
*#76#Display information about your line presentation enabled/disabled status

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