Introduction To Hacking & Hackers

A single user or even large companies are dependent on networking and the Internet today, whether they are aware of it or not. A person with technical knowledge or skills may conduct various types of online attacks as a result of the expanding technology and network. Cybercrime refers to this attack, and cybersecurity refers to the techniques and concepts employed to protect against it.

What is Hacking

When a person extracts data or information from the computer system by exploiting an existing vulnerability or threat, the process is called hacking and the person is called a hacker.


Vulnerability is a system weakness that allows an attacker to gain unauthorized access to the system and that can be fixed by developers. For example, if you have a computer system that is connected to the Internet or network and you have old security updates of vulnerable software or applications. Then a person who has good skills in hacking can scan your computer network and find that you’re using an outdated version of windows or have open ports that allow anyone to connect with it without any authentication, then an attacker may use that weakness (vulnerability) to access (exploit) your computer files.

A Security Hacker

A security hacker is someone who breaks into system security and gains unauthorized access is known as a hacker. We can differentiate hackers on the basis of their behavior and aim as given below.

  • Ethical or White Hat Hackers

These are basically security experts working as security analyst or pen-tester for providing security to the organization from cyber-attacks and always trying to fix existing bugs or vulnerabilities before an attacker exploit them.

In other words, we can say an Ethical Hacker is a type of hacker who helps prevent systems from different cyber attacks and work legally.

  • Bug Hunter & Gray Hat Hackers

These are the hackers that may have good skills or knowledge of hacking and use their skills to find vulnerabilities in the system and then later report it to the company and companies may reward them with money known as Bug bounty.

Companies provide links and allow anyone to test that links for bugs and report it to companies so it is also a type of legal hacking but sometimes those bugs have high value than the reward provided by companies, so bug hunters may use it in an illegal way.

  • Black Hat Hacker

They are a completely illegal hacker and targets hacking for illegal purposes like revenge, and blackmailing. etc. You can watch many movies related to black hat hacking,

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